Don’t Stress It: The 6 Best Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are huge right now. The fidget spinner’s 15 minutes of fame may have flamed out, but in its wake it left a wider awareness of the fidget toy options that are out there. Some circles tout them as a tool for ADHD symptoms. That..may or may not actually be the case. But people with ADHD aren’t the only folks who need something to do with their hands. There are lots of reasons to want something harmless to fiddle with that doesn’t use any mental energy. People with anxiety, certain learning styles, or just extra energy to burn can all get some use from it. At the end of the day, if it’s helpful to you, that’s what’s important. Here are some of the best fidget toy options out there to help you calm your nerves.

Fidget Spinner

The fidget spinner has taken the country by storm, and even if its popularity has faded to the realm of Internet jokes, there are still a lot of them floating out there. There are tons of different styles, colors, types, and materials. The spinner is pretty straightforward – all it does is spin in a circle. For all its simplicity, it’s oddly entrancing, in its way. If you want to see what the big deal is, they’re pretty inexpensive – usually less than $10, sometimes lower than $5.

Fidget Cubes

Fidget cubes hit the market through a Kickstarter campaign. Rather than being made of metal like some fidget spinners, these devices are plastic. For this reason, they can be a little more classroom friendly and easier to use. You don’t need to actually be looking at a fidget cube to use it, and it offers a lot of twitchy diversions. Users can push, spin, and even roll parts of the cube. Fidget cubes list for $15, but you can find them for less than $10.

Fidget Chain

Another type of fidget toy is the “fidget chain.” This is usually two metal links, conjoined by two joints that can spin or roll. Like the fidget cube, this device can be used without looking at it, making it useful for burning off nervous energy while your attention stays focused elsewhere. The fidget chain is usually made from metal, but also occasionally offers rubber or another material at the center. Since they’re very quiet, they can be good for classrooms or even a meeting. Amazon usually has fidget chains for around $10-$11.

Fidget Pens

Have you ever found yourself clicking a pen over and over, until you’re the bane of everyone in the room? The fidget pen may be the perfect solution. This pen is unlike any other writing tool since it can bend, slide, spin, and twist. Best of all, it doesn’t make a ton of noise, and it acts as an actual writing utensil when you need to take notes or finish homework. Rather than a clicking the top of a pen, users can take out their stress or mental uneasiness through various textures and motions without having to reach for another fidget toy. Amazon has a wide variety of fidget pens. Many are less than $10, some are even as low as $6-$8.

Kinetic Sand

At home, kinetic sand may be a great option. It’s a squishy sand that’s similar to Play-Doh or Silly Putty. It clings to itself enough that you can build and sculpt with it. However, it doesn’t cling to much else, making cleanup a breeze. It doesn’t dry out, and most brands are non-toxic, meaning it can be great for children. You can purchase kinetic sand on Amazon for about $10-20 in different colors and sizes.


For those that want something a productive to do with their hands, knitting and crocheting may be a better option. These hobby is relatively inexpensive and can help relieve an uneasy mind or fidgeting hands. Knitting and crocheting as fidgeting tools hasn’t been thoroughly tested for those with ADHD, but several hobbyists agree that it’s helped them through stressful times. Additionally, knitting has proven to help moderate emotions and stress for in- and outpatient clinics. That’s a more solid scientific foundation than some of the newcomer fidget tools. If you’re unsure which hobby to start, you can read our article on knitting and crocheting to determine where to begin.