Emerald Bike vs. Bird Bike | Which Ebike is Better?

Emerald Bike vs. Bird Bike Which Ebike is Better?

Are you looking for a fun and convenient way to ease your daily workout but don’t know where to start? Or are you a professional looking to stay active without exhausting yourself as you juggle a career or kids? If so, consider investing in an electric bicycle! Ebikes are revolutionizing the cycling industry, allowing riders of all ages and ability levels to enjoy an outdoor hobby without any worries. Whether you live rurally or travel often, people everywhere are searching for convenient solutions to stay active alongside their loved ones. Not only is it one of the best modes of urban travel, but it’s perfect for everything from chaotic city commutes to pizza delivery. 

We know that selecting an ebike out of the hundreds on the market can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first one. It’s not worth risking your safety — or a precious paycheck — on a product that doesn’t work. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and found the best ebike brands on the market: Emerald Bike and Bird Bike. But which one is the best option? Whether you’re looking for the best design features, a cost-effective model, or prioritize eco-friendliness, several things must be taken into account when selecting which bike is right for you. Is their technology reliable? What about ease of use and affordability?

We’ve detailed everything in this head-to-head comparison piece—Emerald Bike vs. Bird Bike; which ebike is better? In this blog post, we break down the top two ebike brands to help you make an informed decision about which model will benefit your life the most! 

How Do They Compare?

Emerald Bird
Foldable Frame
Name-Brand Battery
Instant-Boost Throttle
Pedal-Assist System (PAS)
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Front & Rear Lights
Digital LCD Dash
Derailleur Shimano Generic
Battery  48V / 10.5Ah-14Ah 36v / 12.8Ah 
Motor 8v500W 500w
Speed 20-25 mph 20 mph
Bike Weight 65-70 lbs 70lbs
Range 40-70 mi (120km) 50 mi (80km) 
Tires 20″ x 4″ Fat Tire Generic
Grips Genuine Leather Rubber


Emerald is a revolutionary bike for those looking for a portable model that’s flexible for your lifestyle. From its foldable frame to a dependable Samsung battery, Emerald provides an all-in-one product to address every area of your cycling needs. Their product is an “electric pedal-assisted cycle” (EPAC), which is an increasingly popular and eco-friendly alternative means of transportation. With the combination of peddling power and electric assistance, you can cover further distances faster! Long-distance commutes and steep hills become no challenge — all while cutting your carbon emissions and saving on the cost of gasoline. And the best part? You can own this high-quality bike for an unbeatable price, especially if you take advantage of Emerald’s presale offer (up to $300 off). 

The Bird Bike is a well-known electric bike brand, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Similar to Emerald, Bird’s model is all-electric with a built-in pedal assist system to make cycling easy and convenient. While they happen to include a built-in bike alarm, Bird lacks all of Emerald’s best features (foldable design, dependable power, hydraulic disc brakes, etc.) that make it a reliable source of transportation in the long-term. The base model will set you back at least $2,500 – not to mention any expensive add-on accessories – but their website isn’t clear on pricing. 


The primary difference between Emerald Bike and Bird Bike is portability. Emerald offers an innovative folding design that allows riders to transport it easily, while the Bird Bike is not foldable. Owning a foldable ebike is preferred over a standard frame due to portability and convenience. Emerald’s model offers cyclists the opportunity to transport the bike easily and store it in places where traditional e-bikes cannot fit, such as small apartments, vehicles, or buses.

You can also transport your foldable ebike on public transport without worrying about limited space. For commuters or anyone who regularly needs to move their bike around but still wants the power and convenience of an electric bike, a foldable design is non-negotiable. 

Emerald Bike vs. Bird Bike

Emerald | Bird Bike


Next to portability, everyone should invest in a reliable ebike, or they’ll regret it once the repair bills start rolling in. What makes an ebike reliable? Here are a few features to look for: a name-brand battery with dependable power and hydraulic disc brakes.

Of the two brands, Emerald is the best option for reliability. Outfitted with a name-brand Samsung battery, riders can enjoy up to 25 mph speeds for 70 miles before needing a charge and have the most dependable power. Easily remove the battery and charge for 4-6 hours to prepare for your next adventure. Plus, Samsung batteries are known to last up to 5 years, or 500 charge cycles. Bird Bike, however, does not have a quality battery, so it can only travel at 20mph speeds at a maximum of 50 miles.

Keep in mind that the lifespan of an ebike battery can vary depending on a number of factors, including usage patterns, storage conditions, and environmental factors. Proper charging and storage practices can help extend the battery’s life.

Hydraulic disc brakes are another reason why the Emerald Bike is more reliable than Bird. Bird, on the other hand, has cable-actuated brakes. While Hydraulic brakes may be more expensive than cable-actuated brakes, many riders find that the benefits they offer make them a worthwhile investment.

Here is a list of reasons why hydraulic disc brakes are generally considered to be superior to cable-actuated brakes:

  1. Better stopping power: Hydraulic brakes provide more stopping power than cable-actuated brakes because they use a close hydraulic system to transfer force from the brake lever to the brake caliper, which is especially important for high-speed or heavy-duty cycling applications. 
  2. Improved modulation: Hydraulic brakes allow for more precise and controllable braking, as the hydraulic fluid transfers force more smoothly and uniformly than a cable system. This can be especially useful in off-road or technical riding situations where quick and precise braking is required.
  3. Less maintenance: Hydraulic brakes require less maintenance than cable-actuated brakes. Since hydraulic systems are sealed and self-contained, there is less opportunity for dirt and debris to get into the system and cause problems. Additionally, hydraulic systems are self-adjusting, which means they don’t require regular cable tension adjustments like cable-actuated brakes do.
  4. Consistency in all weather conditions: Hydraulic brakes are less affected by weather conditions, which can be especially important in wet or muddy riding environments. Cable-actuated brakes can be more affected by dirt, moisture, and temperature changes, which can impact their performance.


Another way to determine if the Emerald Bike or Bird Bike is best for you is by checking the tires and derailleur. Ebikes designed with fat tires (Emerald) offer several advantages over generic ebike tires (Bird)—but it’s worth noting that they may be heavier and more expensive than standard tires, so riders should consider their specific needs and priorities when choosing a tire option for their ebike. Here’s a list of four advantages that a fat ebike tire offers: 

  1. Increased traction: Fat tires have a larger contact patch with the ground than standard tires, which means they can provide more traction and stability, especially in loose or uneven terrain. This can be especially useful for off-road riding or other situations where traction is a priority.
  2. Improved stability: The larger volume of air in fat tires provides more cushioning and shock absorption, which can help to improve overall stability and ride comfort. This can be especially important for ebikes, which may be heavier and faster than traditional bicycles.
  3. Better flotation: The wider footprint of fat tires allows them to “float” over soft or loose terrain, rather than sinking in and getting stuck. This can be especially useful for riding in sand, snow, or mud.
  4. Lower rolling resistance: While fat tires may seem like they would be less efficient than standard tires, the large volume of air in the tires actually helps to reduce rolling resistance. This can result in a more efficient ride, as less energy is required to maintain speed.

Emerald touts a name-brand Shimano derailleur. A properly functioning derailleur can ensure efficient power transfer from the rider’s legs to the e-bike’s motor. With the ability to fine-tune the gear selection, riders can maintain a consistent power output and avoid wasting energy. They may require occasional maintenance, but the benefits they provide can make them an essential component of an ebike. 

Overall, derailleurs are important on an ebike because they allow for a wide range of gear options, ensure efficient power transfer, and can be fine-tuned to suit a rider’s specific needs and preferences. That’s why it’s important to choose a bike like Emerald that uses name-brand parts.


Emerald and Bird have a lot in common when it comes to their ebikes’ safety features. While proper maintenance is crucial for safety, each brand includes added features that make them even safer. Both bikes include front and rear lights that will increase visibility during low-light hours. Emerald is outfitted with a loud horn, while Bird has a bell to help riders navigate traffic or alert pedestrians of their presence.

One feature that Emerald does not include, however, is Bird’s Anti-Theft Alarm. The Anti-Theft Alarm is a “fully-integrated alarm system with a 120-decibel alarm sound that helps keep your bike safe and gives you peace of mind,” according to the Bird website. 

Each brand also allows users to track everything from including speed to battery life using electronic dash displays embedded on the bike handlebars. Emerald’s display is located on the right handlebar, while the Bird display is located in between the handlebars. The LCD dash informs users of their speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life, and more.

Emerald Bike vs. Bird Bike: Which Ebike is Better?

 So, Emerald Bike vs. Bird Bike—which is better?

Emerald Bike

Of course, you should use your best judgment to make the final call, but at this point, it’s obvious which ebike is worth your hard-earned cash. Emerald offers great portability, reliability, efficiency, and safety. All of these factors are important when you’re choosing an electric bike. Bird may seem like a good option at first, but they simply don’t measure up to Emerald. So don’t waste your money on Bird – invest in an Emerald Bike today!

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