Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, your house could probably use a good decluttering. It’s super easy to collect a ton of stuff over time. While it can be enjoyable, it can be tough to put all of it in your home. Before long, a shopper can be overrun with something like clothes that hang on that chair in the bedroom – you know the one. We all have that chair that collects stuff we wanted to wear or just didn’t feel like hanging up. There’s actually a better place to put all those items.

Thanks to online shopping, a variety of storage options are at the tip of your fingertips. It’s easy to find something that helps get your pantry under control or a way to store something under your bed for easy access at a later date. A little creativity also goes a long way in utilizing every single inch of your home. For example, have you ever thought about using the gaps between your fridge and counter for sliding shelves? What about your corners? If there isn’t a shelf hanging from them, then you’re looking at free real estate.

I’ve got some storage ideas you can use to declutter your home, or at least give your stuff a home so it isn’t in your way. Everything on this list is under $35*, so you can organize your whole home without breaking the bank!

*as of 4/23/19

Hang Pots and Pans in the Kitchen

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Pots and pans take up the most space in the kitchen. If you took them out from your cabinets, think of all the space you’d have! A great way to store your frequently-used pots and pans is a wall-mounted storage rack. They can usually hold five or more pans, and you can use any extra shelving on top for a little decoration.

DecoBros Wall Mount Pot Rack, available on Amazon

Use Pantry Doors

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Have you ever thought about getting a door-mounted rack for your pantry? You should give it a shot. It’s a great place to hold stuff that gets used all the time or even items that are often in the way. Plus, you don’t have to actually mount anything – just hang it over the door and start decluttering!

Home Basics Over the Door Pantry Rack, available on Amazon

Don’t Ignore Corners

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Corners are under-utilized. These spaces can hold bookshelves, but I’m gonna suggest something better – hanging corner shelves. This lifts your stuff off the ground, gives you more space and can even make your place look a little bigger.

Greenco Corner Shelves, available on Amazon

Create an Entryway Drop Zone

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

A thin, entryway table is the perfect plan to get rid of junk that finds its way around your home. Take your mail, for example. Where does it sit? Cluttered on your coffee table? Not anymore! Throw it on your entryway table for later sorting. You can also put plants, purses, scarves, and keys on one of these nifty things.

Crown Mark Table, available on Amazon

Use Small Shelves for Small Rooms

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Some rooms are a little too small for traditional shelving and hanging some may be in the way. For places like this (the bathroom, for example), get a smaller shelf. They’re large enough to store items without being in the way.

Furinno Corner Shelf, available on Amazon

Keep Your Mail by the Door

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Mail can be a bit much once it piles up. Instead of letting it sit on a table to create the Leaning Tower of USPS, get a mail organizer. These are perfect to hold stuff until you can get to it. Alternatively, you can use one to keep important letters that need to be sent out ASAP.

Distressed Mail Organizer, available on Amazon

Organize Your Shoes

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Shoes that lay around can cause trips and falls. That’s exactly why shoe racks were made. They come in a ton of styles, but I prefer the one that hangs over the back of the door. It gets your shoes off the ground, making use of a space that’s usually ignored. It’s also easier to pick a pair before you start your day.

Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack, available on Amazon

Mount Your Spices

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Spices that are shoved in a pantry or cabinet can be difficult to sort through. If you need parsley, good luck finding it through all the other stuff. A spice rack organizer can be hung in a cabinet or outside of it – whichever is more convenient.

Spice Rack Organizer, available on Amazon

Expand Your Shelving and Pantry

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

I found some nifty shelving hacks that’ll expand your pantry! They sit over whatever’s already in your cabinets to give you an extra little shelf. This would be particularly great for plates or mugs that take up a ton of space but are relatively short.

mDesign Storage Shelf, available on Amazon

Mount Your Cleaning Tools

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

My mop and broom are always in the way because they’re in my pantry, but I have nowhere else to put them. This little mounting device solved that problem. It mounts on the inside of the door (or wall) and is strong enough to hold several tools at once.

Imillet Mop and Broom Holder, available on Amazon

Lazy Susan Where You Can

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Lazy Susans are for more than just spices. You can use them in your pantry to organize snacks. It makes them quick to grab, so you won’t have anyone asking if you ran out of applesauce. This one is even BPA-free and food safe, so it’s great for kids.

mDesign Divided Lazy Susan, available on Amazon

Get a Storage Ottoman

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Ottomans are extremely convenient. You get a place to prop your feet, a quick seat, and a place to hold extra stuff. Throw blankets conveniently fit inside, so you don’t need to leave them on the couch when they’re not in use.

epeanhome Storage Ottoman, available on Amazon

Use a Gift Wrap Organizer

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

No one wants to throw away wrapping paper, bows, and bags that you’ll need throughout the year, albeit only once or twice. So, everyone has a closet full of gift wrap that threatens to come toppling down like a paper-avalanche. A gift wrap organizer lets you keep everything tidy and out of the way.

Freegrace Gift Wrap Organizer, available via Amazon

Organize Your Makeup

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

Makeup can pile up pretty quick, and nothing creates a bigger mess than knocking over a pile of eyeshadow palettes. A makeup organizer is what every woman needs to keep all those items in arms reach without them falling over. This one is clear, so finding what you need is simple.

Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Storage, available on Amazon

Clear Off the Floor

Storage Ideas to Get Started Decluttering

One of the best decluttering tips I’ve heard is to get stuff off the floor and hang it on the wall – even by your bed! Floating shelves or cubby holes can be hung right beside your bed for a side table that doesn’t threaten a pink-toe stub.

MyGift Wall-Mounted Floating Shelf, available on Amazon