Bathroom vs. Kitchen: Which Material Belongs Where?

When you are designing your own bathroom and kitchen, you may be a little lost when trying to decide which material belongs where. Some materials are best suited for lower moisture locations, while others are more durable for kitchen wear and tear. Here is a list of helpful facts to give you more insight when making these decisions.


Quartz countertops are pretty easy to work with, making them easy to install in tight spaces like bathrooms or kitchens. Quartz is great for bathrooms because it requires no sealing to keep out water and therefore is very durable. The main problem with quartz is the risk of discoloration due to sunlight exposure. Most kitchens are sunnier than bathrooms, so quartz is best used in the bathroom.


Marble countertops are obviously beautiful and offer an air of luxury in any room. Marble is definitely a great option for either your kitchen or bathroom because it is heat resistant. This means it can take the heat of cooking in the kitchen, or even cosmetic styling tools in the bathroom. However, marble is very porous and stains easily when spilled upon in the kitchen. It is also easily scratched by normal kitchen wear and tear, such as chopping or cutting. Marble countertops may be best suited for your bathroom instead of your kitchen.


Granite countertops are absolutely gorgeous, but because of their heavy mass and bulky size, they can be overwhelming in small bathrooms. They’re also expensive to repair and order. If you have the budget, granite is a nice choice for bathroom countertops because it is water-resistant and attractive, as well as durable. These countertops must be sealed correctly or you will have a bacterial problem on your hands in the kitchen or bathroom.


Concrete is the most budget-friendly material option to choose from. If you want concrete floors in your kitchen or bathroom, you can easily make this happen. These floors and countertops are water-resistant as long as they are sealed properly, making them a great choice for bathrooms or kitchens where water is an everyday occurrence. Concrete can also be 100% customized to fit or match any style that is currently in your home. This material can crack over time, but the repairs are cheap and easily done. Concrete countertops and floors are easily cleaned as well.