Holiday Gift Ideas That Students Will Love

college student gift guide

Drawing a blank on what to get your favorite graduate this year? From life planners to steamers, here are a few gifts new graduates will actually find useful in their new adulting endeavors.

Apple Watch

Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life
Apple Watches, $329* at Apple

Apple Watch tells you what time it is, who’s texting you, what they’re saying, and when people post on social media. That’s right. It’s the watch that’s far enough away from a phone that teachers can’t yell at us for using it in class. Plus, it holds all your favorite apps, pictures, and counts your steps every day!


Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life
HP Envy Wireless Printer, $57.99* at Amazon

It’s the worst feeling to have to leave your dorm or apartment late at night or really early in the morning to go print something off at the library. Instead, save time, money, gas, and the emotional trauma of being late to class by having a printer of your own.

Cards Against Humanity

Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life
Cards Against Humanity, $25* at Amazon

The epitome of college life is the weekend. This card game might be a little vulgar, but it’s the quickest way to liven up a party. If you’ve ever heard of Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity is just the R-Rated version. If you’re looking to get something that will help keep a student’s mind off classes, this is a great way to go.


Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life
Kingslong Laptop Backpack, $27.99* at Amazon
Coofit Black Leather Backpack, $24.98* at Amazon

Somehow college backpacks look like they just came back from a three-week mountain adventure even though all students have done is watch Netflix all day? Not only are these suggestions cute, but they have all the space and pockets one could need without looking like a nerdy suitcase.

Travel Mugs

Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life Travel Mugs, $14.84* at Amazon
Pour and Shoot Mug, 17.99* at ModCloth

College students all run on coffee (or tea for some). Usually, the majority of people in morning classes have a transportable cup of some sort containing whatever liquid gold it is that keeps them going, especially in the cold weather.


Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life
Nalgene Wide Mouth Seafoam Green Water Bottle, $10.49* at Target
Nalgene Water Bottles, from $8.76* at Amazon

Besides all the coffee that college kids transport around, they also have to stay hydrated. Nalgene water bottles are popular because they’re easy to wash, come in great colors, are nearly indestructible, and are perfect to cover with stickers (college kids put stickers on everything).

Blankets & Pillows

Easy Ways to Create a Cozy Home
Erin Condren Blankets, $55* at Erin Condren
Nap Queen Throw Pillow, $13.99* at Target

When won’t a blanket come in handy during college? They’re needed whenever you’re on the couch, in bed, sitting in chilly classrooms, watching sports games, and pulling all-nighters in the library.


AILIHEN Headphones, $19.98* at Amazon
KATEVO Earbuds, $14.99* at 

High-quality headphones and earbuds are a priceless commodity for a study-holic. There are only so many personal study rooms in the library. When all of them are full, it’s time to pull these babies out to drown our surrounding noise. They’re definitely an essential for every college student.


GoPro, $299.99* at Target

Do the students you’re buying for love heading outdoors and being adventurous? Well, this little camera records videos and takes pictures in all types of conditions. No matter what they do for spring break (surfing, skiing, hiking mountains in the rain or shine), this little gadget will record it all in very high quality. What a perfect gift for the memory-hungry, adventure-seeking student.

Portable Chargers

Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life
Poweradd Lightning Portable Charger, $24.99* at Amazon
Poweradd Most Compact Portable Charger, 11.99* at Amazon

College kids are always on their phones—checking texts, social media, emails with new assignments, and anything else they can think of on their walks across campus. Portable batteries extend that limited phone charge without having to be plugged into a wall. Plus, they’re small enough that they would make great stocking stuffers!

Clothes Steamer

NOSIVA White Steamer, $22.99* at Amazon

These handhelds de-wrinkle your clothes in about 30 seconds (which is way faster than the dryer). Also, it’s super rare that college kids get the time to hang up all their clothes right after they come out of the dryer, so this is handier than you’ll ever know.

*Price as of 11/22/2017