35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Cleaning is a part of everyday life whether you like it or not, but sometimes you just don’t have time. Between school plays and a traffic-jammed commute, you’re probably willing to cut any corner you can to save a little more time for yourself and your family.

Amazon carries a vast array of products created to help you help yourself and get the most out of your valuable time and money—you work hard for it, after all! So, here are 35 kitchen gadgets that will help to lighten your load in the kitchen.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

No one has a smile on their face when they open the microwave and see that filthy caked on splatter. Elbows hurt just thinking about all that scraping and scrubbing. Well, Angry Mamma won’t take it anymore. Shaped like its namesake, just fill Angry Mamma with equal parts water and vinegar and place her in the microwave for 5-7 minutes. The steam loosens the irradiated crustiness, making it super easy for you to simply wipe it away.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, available on Amazon


35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

If you hate the mess around your stove top after cooking a pan of bacon or frying up some tasty pork chops (and who doesn’t???) then you absolutely need a frywall. A Frywall is an adjustable “cone” of silicone that fits inside your skillet and catches greasy splatter before it makes its way onto your stove and counter tops.

Frywall, available on Amazon

Taco Holders

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

It’s so simple: Put the shells in the stand and fill your tacos efficiently without having to balance your shells—only to have them fall over and dump your toppings everywhere. Who wants to have to wipe down their counter before getting to eat? Nobody! Most designs will hold at least three tacos and range from $15-20 depending on your choice of plastic or stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Taco Stand, available on Amazon

Clip-On Spoon Rest

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Any spoon rest can catch the drippings after you stir your pot of chili or something but in the end, you will still have to wash the spoon rest. Well, never again thanks to this stainless steel clip! It attaches to the side of your pot or saucepan and cradles your spoon so the drippings won’t fall directly onto your stovetop!

Stainless Steel Spoon Dock, available on Amazon

Baggy Holder

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

You’ve got your leftovers in one hand and a Ziploc bag in the other. The end result? Half your food in the bag, the other half on the counter (if not the floor). The Baggy Rack will replace your hand by nestling your baggy in its v-shaped stand and clipping the tops to keep it open. Now you can have full control of your food transfer and not have to wipe up a single crumb. Comes in two or more packs.

Baggy Rack, available on Amazon

Folding Cutting Board

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

You’ve sliced your mushrooms and peppers and they’re headed for your stir fry, but oops, half of them are now in the floor because they’ve slipped through your fingers! The folding cutting board takes the suspense out of your veggie conveyance by folding up along the sides and acting as a chute for your hard work to slide right into your skillet. The Chop2Pot Foldable Cutting Board is $16.50 on Amazon and worth every penny in saved vegetables.

Foldable Plastic Cutting Board, available on Amazon

Table Vacuum

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Ever tried to get your kids to help out around the house? It’s not an easy task, but this mini table vacuum makes it easier. Its colorful critter design fits snuggly in their palm and will help teach your messy misfits to clean up after themselves. They’ll get a kick out of letting their ladybug, turtle or bumblebee gobble up the crumbs leftover from their favorite snack!

Portable Mini Tabletop Vacuum, available on Amazon

Spill Stopper

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

You’re boiling some macaroni and you step away from the stove only to hear, moments later, the sound of water cascading over the pot and sizzling into a sticky film on the burner. And whether your stove sports a classic metal coil or slick glass top, that gunky residue is no fun to scrub. With a spill stopper lid cover, however, you’ll no longer have to worry about boiling spills. It’s a silicone lid that, once placed on top of you pot or pan, prevents spillage, allowing you to multitask instead of constantly watching the boiling pot! Comes in a two-pack.

Spill Stopper Lid Cover, available on Amazon

Clip-On Garbage Bag Holder

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

When you’ve finished peeling the veggies, you scoop up as much of the mess as you can and head for the trash can, inevitably leaving a trail of peels in your wake. But it doesn’t have to be this way! This cabinet clip-on garbage bag holder clips onto your cabinet so you can toss those pesky peels with a simple swipe of your hand. Now you can cart the whole mess safely to the trash without creating another mess on the way!

Clip-On Garbage Bag Holder, available on Amazon

Spice Rack Carousel

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

A spice rack carousel cuts down on the time you spend wiping spilled spices off your countertops. Its 16 rotating canisters allow for storage and easy pouring of your favorite herbs and spices.

16-Glass Jar Carousel Spice Rack, available on Amazon

Clip-On Strainer

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Straining a pot of pasta doesn’t seem like it would be that messy…until you dump half the noodles in the sink and the other half on the stove when you try to dump them back in your pot. Maybe you’re not the most coordinated cook in your kitchen, but there’s no need to hang your head. The Clip-On strainer attaches to the pot and allows you to strain without spillage or loss of noodles. And there’s no need to dirty a colander since your pasta never has to leave its pot!

Clip-On Strainer, available on Amazon

The Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

This product is so much fun it won’t even seem like you’re trying to keep your table clean! The Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon fits an Oreo or any other sandwich cookie perfectly into its crook for precise dunking into a cold glass of milk. No more soggy clumps of cookie glued to the bottom of your glass! The Dipr gives you enough grip and control to avoid dropping your cookie and causing a splash. Amazon carries them in a variety of colors.

The Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon, available on Amazon

Yolky Egg Separator

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Just cracking an egg can be messy enough, let alone separating it. You get the slimy spillage all over the counter and your hands. Whether you need the whites or the yolks, you almost always eventually drop one in with the other and have to start all over. The egg separator handles your eggs with care as it hangs over the top of your bowl and does all the separating for you.

Stainless Steel Egg Separator, available on Amazon

Anti-Spill Soup Spout

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

The Anti-Spill Soup Spout is not only good for pouring soup from pot to bowl, but it’s also great for canning and preserving. You won’t need any dripping ladles or funnels for transfer as this heat resistant, flexible silicone funnel fits tightly to any pot allowing easy controlled pouring. It’s flexibility also allows you to pour neatly from jars and bottles without having to wipe them down afterward.

Silicone Slip-On Spout Funnel, available on Amazon

Herb Grinder

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Not everyone uses the ole mortar and pestle anymore, but a lot of us do enjoy a freshly ground herb when we’re feeling especially clever in the kitchen. There are many ways to grind up fresh herbs, but the cleanest is an herb grinder. No choppy mess on a cutting board or multi-pronged scissors to have to wash without actually washing because we all know they’ll rust the first chance they get. The Golden Bell 2” Herb Grinder not only smoothly grinds your herbs with its frictionless Poly-O ring, but uses a mesh screen to separate any pollen, and its magnetized lid prevents any spillage.

Golden Bell Herb Grinder, available on Amazon

Reusable Food Bags

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Cutting down on cleanup also means reducing waste. And one way to achieve this is with reusable food bags. Single-use plastic bags are great for lunchboxes but bad for the environment. These reusable bags, however, store your snacks and leftovers safely and with a nod to the environment.

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, available on Amazon

Vegetable Chopper

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper will render your knives and cutting boards useless. You won’t need to scoop anything up afterward either because it all lands in a tidy little tub. This baby chops, dices, and spiralizes with interchangeable rust-resistant stainless steel blades that can be stored neatly in the underneath container when not in use. The storage container can also keep your veggies nice and fresh for those who like to do their dinner prep ahead of time. Just pop all the pieces in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper, available on Amazon

Kitchen Scraper

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

You know that sticky, floury mess left on your countertop after rolling out some pie crust or kneading dough for a flaky loaf of bread? Kitchen scrapers can make it go away! It can also scoop up every last leaf of your finely chopped herbs and spices and carry them to your cookware with ease.

Multipurpose Kitchen Scrapers Set of 4, available on Amazon

Pancake Batter Dispenser and Mixer

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

There are plenty of pancake pouring devices out there, but this one does more than just pour, it mixes and stores too! Instead of a mixing bowl and a whisk and a Tupperware to save what’s left, you dirty only one dish by pouring all of you batter ingredients into the dispenser and closing the lid. Turn the crank on top and watch as the built-in whisk does all the work for you. Dispense and enjoy. Didn’t use all the batter? It’s already sealed away so just refrigerate until next time! Vebo Batter Dispenser and Mixer ($19.99) also works for cupcake batter!

Pancake Batter Dispenser and Mixer, available on Amazon

Bottle-Cleaning Beans

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

Cleaning reusable bottles has never been as cute as it is now. These bean pod-shaped sponges get the job done in just a few shakes! Each sponge is weighted to allow for efficient scrubbing without any smelly bottle wands or elbow grease.

Bean-shaped Bottle Cleaning Sponge, available on Amazon

Magic Eraser

35 Kitchen Gadgets That Cut Down on Cleanup

These miracle-working sponges will have you singing abracadabra at how quickly they erase food splatter and that greasy film that can build up on your cabinet doors.

25-Pack Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponges, available on Amazon