4 Best Microwaves Under $100

Someone that’s in the market to purchase a new microwave may be bombarded with dozens of options with prices ranging from reasonable to ridiculous. Still, if you know where to look, isn’t hard to find cheap microwaves that suit your eating and cooking habits. These five should fit both your budget and your style.

 Frigidaire 0.7-Cubic Foot Countertop Microwave

Frigidaire is a brand most people can recognize, and this little microwave is ideal for smaller spaces. It’s a 700-watt countertop microwave with a 0.7 cubic foot capacity. It comes in a black or white color, with 10 power levels and six quick-start one-touch options for easy cooking. Amazon sells this microwave for about $80, or you can get it from Wal-Mart.

Westinghouse WCMH900B Rotary Microwave

This Westinghouse microwave is a blast from the past with its rotary knobs, but it’s perfect for those who are looking for something that’s easy to understand. It has six power levels and a 30-minute timer with audible end-of-cooking signals. The dials make it excellent for those searching for something that’s simple to handle and grasp. Sure, that’s not a lot of control, but that sacrifice means you get great size and power for the price. The microwave is 0.9 cubic feet and has 900 watts of power, and it tends to be available for around $80. A smaller 0.6-cubic foot, 600-watt model is also available for about $65.

Danby Designer Countertop Microwave

Danby specializes in making affordable kitchen appliances that fit any budget. Amazon currently offers this brand for less than $100 in two different wattages. The first is a 700-watt microwave oven which is great for smaller kitchens. It gives you .7 cubic feet of cooking space and comes in three colors – black, white, and stainless steel. The second is a 900-watt for a little more power, but expect it to take up more space in the kitchen. (You can get it in .9 or 1.1 cu.ft. sizes). The price for a Danby countertop microwave varies depending on size and wattage, but most of them list under $100. Even the largest one lists around $105, and it’s not hard to find it for less.


Hamilton Beach 1.3-Cubic Foot Microwave

For more power and a bigger size, the Hamilton Beach 1.3-cubic foot microwave is the perfect addition to any family. It’s 1,000 watts and has 10 power levels for convenience. The microwave comes in a black color with stainless steel finish to fit in with any kitchen. Some of the features include a LED display, kitchen timer, weight and speed defrost, a child lock, and convenience cooking through a touchpad control. The list price is $99.99, but it’s often on sale. You can get it at Amazon, or at Wal-Mart.