The 3 Best E-Commerce Website Builders

a couple examines an e-commerce website on a laptop

As technology continues to become a part of our daily lives, more people are turning to the internet to conduct business. Online transactions for buying and selling products, conducting bank transactions, and purchasing tickets to the latest concert are becoming the norm.

As a result, all types of businesses are turning to e-commerce to reach their customers. As the internet begins to overtake traditional business models, entrepreneurs and companies are looking for help in building the best possible e-commerce websites. While there are many options available, there are some e-commerce website builders that stand out from the crowd.

1. BigCommerce

According to most experts, the best e-commerce website builder is BigCommerce. Ranked number one for its user-friendly interface and seemingly endless features, BigCommerce has options for both beginners and experienced e-commerce merchants. Users can customize their websites using pre-designed templates, making the process quick and easy. The site is also well-liked for its marketing tools, especially its focus on social media marketing. Users can integrate social media such as Facebook and Twitter into their e-commerce sites to help them promote their businesses. Free trial versions of BigCommerce are available, and packages start as low as $25 for a basic website.

2. goEMerchant

The website builder goEMerchant is used by both beginning and experienced e-commerce businesses because it has many features not found with other builders. One of these is a credit card processing feature. With goEMerchant, a business does not need a separate program to process credit card payments because the program is set up to handle the payments itself. Also, goEMerchant is an online program, so customers do not download any software. Free trial versions are available and packages start at $20.

3. Volusion

Volusion is also popular with many e-commerce businesses for its emphasis on security and fraud detection. With Volusion, several layers of encryption protect vital information such as credit card numbers. Like BigCommerce, Volusion uses social media to help a business grow its customer base. If any problems arise, 24/7 live support and assistance is available. This makes it a smart choice for beginners. Volusion offers free trial versions, and basic packages are as low as $20.

Since there appears to be no end in sight for e-commerce growth, it’s more important than ever for both beginning and experienced e-commerce businesses to choose a website builder that can provide the services they need. No matter what type of business you have, website builders are available with features to fit any budget. It’s a good idea to compare the various features and decide what aspects will work best for your business. By consulting with those who have e-commerce experience, you can choose one that will help your business grow.