5 Christmas Card Ideas

a family views christmas cards

If you’re looking for creative and fun ways to make your family Christmas card stand out from all the rest that are piling up in your friends’ and family’s mailboxes, then here are five unique Christmas card ideas for you and your family to try.

Tangled In The Tinsel

An easy photo-shoot idea that will really amp up your Christmas card involves some Christmas lights, a black backdrop, and your family. Use the low-light option on your camera, turn down the lights, and plug in the Christmas lights. It’s best to plug the lights in before you position them so you can see what your photo will look like beforehand. Gently wrap the lights around your family, making sure to drape them loosely. Use a black sheet as a backdrop, or add a mirror for extra sparkle.

Photo Props

A great kid craft idea for Christmas is to let them help you create photo props for your Christmas cards. Using little wooden dowel rods and construction paper, you can create photo booth props like Santa hats, beards, reindeer antlers, a red Rudolph nose, or anything else you can dream up. Kids will love using their imaginations to create these props, and it makes for a very playful and cute Christmas card. Instead of using one main photo for your card, you can use a photo-editing program to create a collage style Christmas card.

Monogrammed Style

If you want to design a nice, professional business Christmas card, go for a classic monogram theme. You can buy oversized wooden letters from your local craft store and paint them in any color scheme you prefer. Using a tripod and the timer option on your camera, pose your family in the setting of your choice and say cheese. You can all take turns holding the letters representing your initials, or spell out a Christmas message like “ho ho ho!”

Color Me Happy

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most adorable. Go for a color scheme that represents your family. For example, dress up in red and white, and take photos of each family member doing something they love to do. They could be photographed doing their favorite Christmas tradition, such as placing the star on top of the Christmas tree. Using a matching color scheme makes for a beautiful Christmas card.

Dress Up

Another great idea for a family Christmas card photo-shoot is to dress up as your favorite holiday characters, such as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, or as the cast of your favorite holiday movie. This is a fun way to involve the whole family and show off your creativity. Your friends and family will love receiving these funny Christmas cards. Your only challenge will be to do it even better next year!

Don’t Forget the New Year

When creating your Christmas card, don’t forget to include a message for the New Year. Use your card to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. By making your holiday card multipurpose, you not only save money, but it’s easier than sending out two cards. So before you order those Christmas cards, make usre to include a message for the New Year.