Costco Ebike vs. Emerald Fold Ebike: Which Electric Bike Reigns Supreme?

Emerald Fold vs Costco Ebike

When it comes to ebikes, there are numerous options available in the market. It can be challenging to find the perfect ebike that suits your needs. In this comparison article, we’ll delve into the features, specifications, and overall value offered by two prominent models making waves in the media: the Costco Haze ebike and the Emerald Fold ebike. Let’s dive in and see which one comes out on top!

Comparison chart of Emerald ebike vs Costco ebike

Design and Portability

The Costco Ebike showcases a sleek and modern design, with a sturdy magnesium alloy frame that ensures durability and stability on the road. It features a step-through design, making it easy to mount and dismount, particularly for those with limited mobility. When folded, it measures 30.1″ x 17.5″ x 27.5″ and weighs only 49 lbs. The bike features 16” wheels, which highlight the compactness.

The Emerald Fold Ebike lives up to its name with a compact and foldable design that also features a step-through, magnesium alloy frame. It is an excellent option for urban dwellers or those with limited storage space due to its quick folding mechanism, folding and unfolding within a matter of seconds. When folded, it measures 35″ x 19.5″ x 38″ and weighs 70 lbs. The wheels are 20”x 4” fat tires, giving the bike a more substantial feel while remaining compact.

Winner: Tie—Both bikes feature a compact and foldable design with convenient portability.

Motor and Battery Performance

Both electric bikes are equipped with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries. The Costco Ebike boasts a 350W motor, providing sufficient power for smooth rides and tackling inclines. It offers a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and a range of approximately 20 miles on a single charge.

The Emerald Fold Ebike, on the other hand, features a slightly more powerful 500W motor, (750W peak), capable of reaching a top speed of 20 mph. It also provides a commendable range of up to 55 miles on a full charge.

Winner: Emerald Ebike for its longer range capability and faster top speed.

Display and Controls

The Costco Ebike lacks a display that provides essential information such as speed, battery level, and distance traveled. However, it does feature a twist throttle for easy acceleration. 

The Emerald Fold Ebike includes a clear LED display that offers information that includes pedal-assist levels 1-5, battery level, trip, speed, and light controls. It also features a thumb throttle for intuitive control. 

Both ebikes provide excellent visibility through headlights and brake lights and incorporate horn/bell features, ensuring a seamless riding experience.

Winner: Emerald—While both bikes feature throttles, lights, and bells, only Emerald provides the essential LCD display to keep you updated about your ride.

Additional Features

The Costco Ebike offers front and rear disc brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power. It also provides a built-in rear bike lock and companion tire pump. It has a weight capacity of 265 lbs. Another notable feature is the magnetic lock mechanism to hold the bike together when folded.

The Emerald Fold Ebike promotes optimum stopping power by incorporating hydraulic disc brakes. Additionally, it comes packed with premium parts from name brands like Samsung, Shimano, and Promax. Its rider weight capacity is 400 lbs. Additionally, it features genuine leather grips, a unique luxury for ebikes.

Winner: Tie—The Costco Ebike offers accessories and a magnetic lock mechanism, while the Emerald Fold Ebike has superior braking and is built from the highest quality, premium parts.

Price and Value

The Costco Ebike is available at a competitive price, $549.99, offering great value for money considering its specifications and features. It provides a solid entry-level option for riders looking for a reliable and affordable electric bike.

The Emerald Fold Ebike, while slightly pricier, $1,499, justifies its cost with its high-quality parts and long-distance range making it an ideal choice for commuters who need something durable and convenient.

Winner: Tie—The Costco Ebike wins in terms of affordability, while the Emerald Fold Ebike offers exceptional value with its premium parts and long-lasting battery.

Emerald Fold vs Costco EbikeThe Takeaway

Both the Costco Ebike and the Emerald Fold Ebike offer impressive features and specifications. The Costco Ebike excels in terms of affordability, weight, and accessories, making it suitable for riders seeking an entry-level ebike for short trips.

On the other hand, the Emerald Fold Ebike shines with its premium parts, hydraulic disc brakes, longer range, and faster top speed, making it a great choice for urban commuters.

If your budget allows it, The Emerald Fold ebike is our ebike of choice. It’s hard to compete with such a well-rounded option. However, if your budget is limited, the Costco ebike is also a good choice.