How to Choose the Right Cruise

The sparkling interior of a large cruise ship.

As the ultimate getaway perfectly incorporating time spent on the water with a tropical drink, cruises are often a popular choice for those who want a relaxing getaway. For families looking to book a cruise for an upcoming trip, there are a few factors to consider when shopping around. It’s important to choose the right package that accommodates your family’s needs, as well as meets your personal preferences.

Consider a Mid-Range to Large Ship

Many people are unaware that when choosing a cruise ship, mid-range to large ships each offer different amenities and benefits. The larger ships often offer more forms of entertainment, food, and swimming pools for those who want to stay busy throughout their stay. Mid-range ships may offer less, but are cozier for those who want to enjoy the serenity while out on the water. Mid-range ships feel more like a small community instead of vacationing with an entire country. For those looking to stay within a smaller budget, larger ships usually offer lower prices with a variety of discounts.

Choosing the Right Cruise Line

All cruise lines are not created equal, as some offer more amenities, while others are geared toward specific guests. For families with young kids, it’s important to choose a cruise that offers play areas, arcades, or live entertainment that will make the trip enjoyable. Other cruise lines are more specific to couples and may offer intimate motor-sail-yachts, luxurious bedding, or spa services.

Seniors can enjoy specific cruise lines that host afternoon tea, ballroom dancing, and even cooking lessons for an excursion that will cater to their interests instead of feeling like a pool party.

For those who enjoy exercising and fitness, some cruises provide yoga classes, cycling, aerobics, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and basketball. Guests can enjoy running or walking on an outdoor track that offers spectacular views of the water.

Research the Menu

Having poor cuisine on a trip can often put a damper on the vacation, making it important to research the food options available with each cruise. Some cruise lines offer all you can eat buffets with five-star chefs preparing each dish. Others are known for creating masterpieces out of desserts or appetizers. Some cruise ships provide free soda and alcohol with each meal, while others charge more for additional beverages that are ordered, which can become pricy for families.

For families with kids, consider booking a cruise that offers a number of different restaurants and eateries on the deck for a great way to have plenty of options and to be able to eat whenever you please.

Determine the Season

Weather is a large factor when it comes to cruising and can determine the quality of your trip. You may score major deals by traveling during the off-season, but it can also mean getting caught in a hurricane or having a lack of sunshine while relaxing poolside. Be flexible if you book your cruise during hurricane season, as the trip may be delayed due to the weather.