Chop Chop!: The 4 Best Cutting Boards

A good chef needs quality tools, and a cutting board is an essential part of your arsenal. Don’t just head to Walmart and pick up the cheapest cutting board you can find. Instead, get your julienne on with these great options. If you need help figuring out what material is best, check out our overview on the different types of cutting boards.

Best Plastic Cutting Board: Prepworks by Progressive

Plastic cutting boards don’t have as long a shelf-life as some alternatives, but they’re light on maintenance and relatively inexpensive. One of the best plastic cutting boards you can buy is from Progressive. This board has a small reservoir that collects liquids, controlling potential messes while you chop. They’re also super-affordabloe. That means that even if it doesn’t last as long as a wood one, it’s not too painful to replace.

Best Bamboo Cutting Board: Totally Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the market, and it’s a great material for cutting boards. The Totally Bamboo three-piece set is an excellent choice for meats, vegetables, fruits, and cheese. This set comes in three different sizes that are incredibly thin, so you can store it virtually anywhere in your kitchen. Plus, if you don’t like it, the company will replace it – satisfaction guaranteed! Most places sell the three-pack for under $20, and you can even find it as low as $12.99. Don’t forget the mineral oil with this cutting board!

Best Wood Cutting Board: Chef Remi

While John Boos cutting boards are great, they’re also costly. We think that Chef Remi cutting boards are just as great, at a fraction of the price. This particular cutting board is just $19.99 at Chef Remi’s site, and tends to run similarly on Amazon. Even at that price, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The material is slip-resistant, so it’s also safer for you to cut on marble countertops. One of the best features of this cutting board is a protective coating that resists liquid absorption into the grain. Just make sure that you grab a bottle of mineral oil to keep your board like new!

Best Silicone Cutting Board: Vikalis Premium Silicone

Silicone is one of the best materials you could buy for a cutting board. It’s fantastic on knives, and it resists heat. You just have to make sure that you don’t skimp – cheap silicone cutting boards are prone to carrying bacteria in the gashes. Vikalis has one of the best silicone cutting boards on the market, because it’s made from a higher-quality silicone. Not only is it safe for your knives, but it also takes a lot of wear and tear before it begins to slit like cheaper silicone boards. The grip on this board keeps the cutting surface from moving, but also makes it easy to lift when you’re ready to funnel food into a bowl or another cooking surface. Finally, you can fold and lock this cutting board to pour things, which can be extremely useful when compared to hardwood, plastic, or any other sturdy board. But while it’s more versatile than a harder board, this Vikalis silicone board is just as durable.