House vs. Condo: Which Vacation Rental Should You Choose?

Selecting a vacation rental over a typical hotel can be a big decision, especially if you have to pick between a house or a condo. Both rentals come with benefits, but focusing on the major differences between the two may help you choose which would be best for your next trip.


Rental houses are paid on a per night, week, or monthly basis and renting a house can seem very expensive. While the price will vary quite a bit depending on the location you choose, you can expect to pay hundreds for a vacation house in a good location. The larger the home and the better the location, the more you can expect to pay.

Condos are similar to apartments, so they are much cheaper. Again, the price will vary quite a bit depending on the location of your condo. For example, a condo in Little Rock is much cheaper than a similar one on the beach in Florida.


A house is a larger option and perfect for someone who is looking to room six people or more. Additionally, each room will be much bigger, and homes always have a full kitchen. This is ideal if you’re looking to accommodate several guests, especially since you can split the price between the whole group and pay less per person.

A condo is better for a few individuals or small groups who don’t require a lot of room because the bedrooms and bathrooms will be smaller than a typical house. Condos also generally have a kitchen, but they typically have less space and sometimes less features. Cooking can feel cramped if you’re used to a home.


A house will have several amenities that a family may look for including a yard and the chance to bring your pet along. Some homes located in subdivisions include comforts you may not find in a condo such as golf courses and other outdoor recreational activities. There is also a chance that a vacation house rental may also have a pool.

Condos can feel almost like a resort because they often have swimming pools, fitness centers, hot tubs, playgrounds, and jogging trails. Additionally, condos are also generally located in the city and within walking distance of many shopping and dining opportunities. Condos never have a yard, but may have common areas where all occupants can share a location.


Houses usually have neighbors, but they don’t live incredibly close to your vacation rental. Unless you’re renting a room, there won’t be any occupants near your home while you’re renting. This may be perfect for larger groups or couples looking for a getaway. Amenities located in the home like the pool are for your group only.

On the other hand, condos are like apartments, and you may have neighbors on either side, above, and below you. You may hear them through the walls or in the hallway. You’ll also have to share the common areas (pool, fitness center, etc.) with other occupants in the community.