Sleep on the Cheap: The Best Mattresses Under $500

Zinus Memory Green Tea Mattress

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a great night’s sleep. Finding a great mattress under $500 can be pretty tough, but we have you covered. These are some of the best beds you can invest in for a better rest.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Zinus is one of the top selling brands on the internet, and the mattresses are incredibly affordable. The Green Tea Mattress is made with memory foam for comfort and to help relieve pressure. Uniquely, this mattress is infused with green tea extract and castor oil to keep bacteria and odors from seeping into your mattress. The biggest downside with this bed is that it takes around 12 hours for it to fully recover from shipment, but the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The best part is you can order it on Amazon. Unlike a lot of the other mattresses featured here, you’d have enough money left over after purchasing it to go ahead and grab a box spring.


Lucid is an incredibly comfortable mattress that is sold on Amazon. It’s designed with 2 different types of foam. It has a gel-infused memory foam surface, and a high-density foam base. This mattress conforms to your body to alleviate common pressure points in the hips and back. The gel layer is also ventilated for breathability, helping it draw heat away from you as you sleep. Unlike many mattresses found in stores, Lucid offers a 25-year warranty that protects the mattress and cover against manufacturer defect. Like the Zinus, it also gives you some breathing room in the budget to buy a box spring or a foundation.

Zinus Sleep Master

If you prefer a firm mattress, the Sleep Master from Zinus is just what you need. Not only does it offer a firm hybrid memory foam construction, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. In addition to the mattress, this purchase comes with a BiFold box spring set that works like a traditional box spring, but can fold up for easy mobility and storage. Reviews state that the mattress is easy to set up and arrives quickly. Customers also routinely praise its firmness and support. You can usually find the Queen for under $500, and sometimes the King will be, as well.

Doctor’s Choice

If you have a Denver Mattress near you, you can pick yourself up a Doctor’s Choice mattress for under $500. Spinal surgeon Brian Wieder MD found that a Doctor’s Choice mattress can help patients sleep through the night no matter what position they choose because it supports your body in the most important places. The price depends on the size you choose (and whether you get a foundation), but customers can buy a queen-size Doctor’s Choice Plush for just under $500 before taxes and fees.


Sealy is a known-quantity mattress brand that has been around for a while. Their beds use innersprings, air foam, or a hybrid of both to create the perfect mattress. While it’s definitely on the higher end of the budget, the Response Line Essentials mattress is for someone that needs a little more support. It doesn’t come with their Posturpedic support, but it’s still a solid mattress. While you’ll have to visit a store to purchase this it, you can do so for $499 before taxes and fees.

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