Tablets vs. Laptops

When it comes to the choice between tablets and laptops, the struggle is real. Since both serve similar purposes, which one should you choose? When it comes down to it, the choice isn’t between which device is better; it’s about which is the better choice for your computing needs. Take a look at the differences between the two and decide which qualities are most important to you.


Most laptops weigh anywhere from three to nine pounds; tablets typically weigh less than a pound. To transport a laptop, you’ll most likely need to purchase a laptop case; to transport a tablet, all you really need to do is throw it in your purse or bag. Then you’re good to go. When it comes to portability, tablets clearly win.


Laptops are generally much more durable than tablets. Tablets are fragile, and if you shatter the screen, there’s not much use for the rest of the device. Tablets don’t come with a protective case, but you can purchase one separately. While the bulkiness of laptops doesn’t make them the most portable option, it definitely gives them the upper hand when it comes to durability.

Battery Life

Tablets generally have a longer battery life than laptops. While laptops typically need to be plugged in every couple of hours, tablets can usually last an entire workday. So if it’s long battery life you’re after, you’re better off choosing a tablet.


When it comes to memory, tablets don’t hold a candle to laptops. Tablets have a maximum of 128 gigabytes (GB), although most only include up to 64 GB. Laptops, on the other hand, typically have a minimum of 250 GB of memory which can be expandable to much more.

Features & Accessories

Tablets, which are made primarily for entertainment purposes, include a wider variety of features. With a tablet, you can take pictures and video, send text messages, and even read eBooks. However, many prefer the physical keyboard of a laptop opposed to the touch-screen keyboard on a tablet. When it comes to features and accessories, it’s a close race between the two.


Laptops are obviously the more expensive option due to their higher memory capabilities and durability. However, that does not mean tablets are cheap. If you find both to be a bit expensive, or if you just enjoy saving as much money as possible, try to purchase either one on Black Friday. Many stores and websites offer price reductions on tablet and laptops during this one shopping day that you should try to utilitize. You will have to face the hordes of other shoppers and arrive early if you want to buy the discounted laptops and tablets, but the savings might be worth the effort.

Obviously, there is no clear overall winner here. When deciding between tablets and laptops, it’s best to base your decision on your specific wants and needs. For portability and ease-of-use, a tablet is your best bet. If you’ll be typing long reports or needing to save large file, you just might be better off with a laptop.