Gift Guide for the Twin Peaks Fan in Your Life

twin peaks gifts

“Harry, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.” It’s good advice! And if you recognize it as from Twin Peaks, this gift guide is for you. We’ll look at the show, the music, and more, with entry points as well as deep cuts for the truly obsessed.

The Show

twin peaks dvd box setIt stands to reason you’d want the actual show, right? The Gold Box has both original seasons, and it’s reasonably priced. Fire Walk with Me just came out on Blu-ray through the Criterion Collection, along with The Missing Pieces. There is a Blu-ray set collecting all of it, but it’s pricey, and it’s hard to pin down what region of Blu-ray you’re buying on Amazon, for some reason. If you’re still not satisfied, you may want to check out the recently released documentary David Lynch: The Art Life, about the director himself.

The Music

twin peaks soundtrackFor a lot of people, Angelo Badalamenti’s score is just as memorable as the show itself. Start with the original soundtrack on CD or vinyl. Fire Walk with Me’s score is more menacing, but you can also get it on CD or vinyl. If you already have those things, the new season has both a score album and a soundtrack of songs from the show. And if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, there are options for downloading even more music straight from Lynch, including this 10-hour behemoth and a whole album of ambient sound design from the show.

The Books

twin peaks bookThere were a few books that came out during the show’s original run. Some of these are a little apocryphal at this point, and only one–The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer –is even still in print. The definitive tomes at this point are the ones that co-creator Mark Frost put together. The Secret History of Twin Peaks was released after the series ended and expands on its mysteries. The history of the town starts with Lewis and Clark and runs right up to the events of the finale. The Final Dossier was the last piece of the puzzle to come out. It touches on what happened to the characters over the last 25 years and on a few of the show’s still-lingering mysteries.


twin peaks cookbookFor a show that celebrates food and drink, it stands to reason somebody would eventually make a cookbook. The book has the only title it could possibly have–Damn Fine Cherry Pie. In addition to recipes from the show, it also includes a couple of recipes from cast members. It is from the UK, so the measurements and temps may take some getting used to.


twin peaks shirtTwin Peaks revels in its own icons and symbolism. It loves images that you can ponder. That means it makes for some fantastic artwork and some great T-shirts. You can also find shirts featuring the road into town and an eerily familiar hand gesture.

Great Northern Keychain

twin peaks key chainAgent Cooper took up in the Great Northern Hotel for much of his stay in Twin Peaks. Considering the suspect motives of the hotel’s owner, it made for some tense moments. His keychain shows back up years after he’s gone missing. What does it mean? Well, we don’t want to ruin anything. But you can have your very own Great Northern keychain, complete with Coop’s old room number, if you want.

Diane Phone Case

twin peaks phone caseOne of the most iconic elements of the old show was the tape recorder that Cooper used to dictate notes to Diane. We were left to wonder what Diane looked like for 25 years. Laura Dern gave the character brilliant life. You can turn your phone into Coop’s tape recorder now. Since people who don’t know the show can still get a kick out of your kitschy phone case, it’s extra fun.

Funko Figurines

twin peaks funko figurinesIt’s amazing how much ground Funko has covered. If their chibi aesthetic is your thing, you can totally get a set of Twin Peaks figurines. This big set includes Cooper, the Giant, BOB, The Log Lady, Leland, Audrey, and Laura (post-mortem). That may be the most cost-effective option, but you can also find them individually. They also have a set of regular old action figures, if you prefer.

Red Room Pillow

twin peaks room pillowIt’s a little pricey–a lot of things from Showtime’s store are. But this pillow makes a stark accent piece, and like the phone case, it’s a striking piece to look at regardless of whether you care about the show or not.


twin peaks log pillowWhile we’re talking about pillows–you might prefer something a little more log-shaped. This cushion from Kikkerland is the right shape and size, and this throw pillow cushion from Edtoy seems to be, as well. You may want to grab these glasses, too, in case you want to go all in on imitating Margaret. It’s okay. The log does not judge.