Coach vs. Business Class: When Is Business Class Worth the Price?

Often travelers simply want to find the absolute cheapest airfare. However, sometimes an upgrade to business class airfare is well worth the additional cost depending on the traveler’s situation and the length of the flight.

Perks at the Airport

The longer the flight, the more likely business class airfare is worth the extra price. Yes, the airfare may cost upwards of an additional $90, but travelers have several advantages with this upgrade such as priority security lines and priority boarding at the gate, which can save time and irritation waiting in line. In addition, airlines offer special business class lounges at airports, which can make layovers or the wait before priority boarding a more pleasant experience than the general airport gate seating.

Perks In-Flight

Business class airfare includes additional legroom in each seat, the seats are wider and padded, and there is a plugin for your laptop or other devices. This is great for several reasons. First of all, if you need to work on a flight, you will have plenty of guaranteed space to get your work done. If you do not need to work, you may need to rest or sleep on the flight. With the extra space business class airfare affords, resting is a much more likely possibility. In fact, some airplanes actually offer seats that can fold out into a bed so travelers can actually sleep lying down. Even if the seat does not lie completely down, the occupant is able to recline and get comfortable for dozing or sleeping.

If the flight is long, business class includes a meal and free beverages. Plus, the flight attendant has fewer people to serve, which means better and more personalized service for people in these seats. Sure people in economy have the choice to buy a snack, but business class travelers do not have to bother with worrying about bringing an acceptable payment method and making a hurried transaction with the flight attendant.

Finally, somewhat underrated perks of business class airfare are that there is a dedicated restroom aboard the plane just for people in this section and there is plenty of overhead space for carry-ons. Because the section is smaller, there are fewer people sharing this bathroom and the overhead bins. On a long flight, this convenience can be incredibly helpful in keeping travelers more comfortable. Plus, the fact that carry-ons have space means no gate checks, and all the contents of the overhead carry on are available to the traveler during the flight.

Flight Time Is Important

If the flight is an incredibly long one, the business class upgrade may actually be worth the additional cost. However, on very short flights, it seems wasteful to spend additional money when the airplane is only in the air for an hour or two.