The 8 Best Tower Fans

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Household tower fans are a must-have during hot summer days, but should you invest in an expensive one? Household tower fans come at several different price points, from cheaper ones that may cost only $30 to much more expensive models.

With a cheaper household tower fan, you can expect to get something that’s a smaller size and does a decent job. Most aren’t designed to cover a large area, so if you’re wanting to stay cool, you’ll need to be close to the unit or confined to a smaller space. Cheaper fans may also last a shorter amount of time when compared to the mid-range or high-tier models. These household tower fans certainly do the job, but you can expect to replace them after a summer or two.

Mid-range household tower fans last longer than their cheaper counterparts, which means they’re a better investment. The most appealing thing about mid-range fans is that they’re usually larger and can cool a wider area, so you may have to buy fewer fans. Most tend to have filters or ionizers that will purify the air of a room, although they may require filter changes on a regular basis. These household tower fans are also quieter than less expensive versions, which can be more convenient for more peaceful home.

The higher-tier household tower fans are incredibly luxurious. Some even claim to reduce the temperature by several degrees. They’re larger yet more difficult to move from room to room. On top of having an ionizer, these fans also usually come with a remote control so you can set your desired speed without getting up. Rather than oscillating 45 degrees, some of the expensive household tower fans can rotate 360 degrees for convenience. Finally, these household tower fans are usually incredibly quiet. Even your sleep isn’t disturbed by unnecessary noise. Some even allow you to set a timer to automatically turn the unit off after a particular amount of time.