The Best HR Software for Your Business

a computer screen showing hr software options

It can be difficult for companies and human resource directors to manage their employees’ pay, benefits, and schedules. Thankfully, there are programs to help them do just those things. For payroll assistance and more, here are the five best HR software programs for your business.

1. HotSchedules Restaurant Management Platform

HotSchedule is a must-have for any restaurant that needs to create schedules for multiple employees. This program helps you manage employee availability, requests for time off, daily shift swaps, and last-minute emergencies. Because it’s online, all of your information is in one spot. Therefore, it’s much easier for human resources to create work schedules. HotSchedule also keeps track of your guest and labor data to help you plan for the future.

Another great feature of HotSchedule’s HR software is employees can use the mobile app to chat with each other, request a day off, and more. Even if there are multiple requests off for the same time, this program makes it easy for you to deny or approve schedule changes immediately. There is also assistance with employee training with Schoox, a partner of HotSchedule.

2. Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting Software

From staffing to recruiting, Bullhorn helps with your business’s human resources division in all capacities. Not only does this program find new clients for your company, but it also helps you build and improve customer relations, retrieve and process job orders, and teach your staff new skills.

Bullhorn assists any company with public relations, marketing and advertising, real estate, financial services, and consulting. It takes in data from each customer interaction and analyzes it to support you with your long-term customer relationships. Entering data is easy, Bullhorn is cloud-based, and if you ever have a problem, the customer support is top notch.

3. Workable Online Recruiting Software

Workable is a user-friendly recruiting program with the goal of getting you up and running in minutes. If you’re a small company, Workable assists you in setting up a branded careers page that helps you advertise open positions and find potential employees without the need of an in-house IT department. Additionally, the Workable widget works seamlessly with your site if you already have a careers page. If you’re interested in social media, this program helps you set up a Facebook “Jobs” tab to display your listings. Plus, it’s also linked to several popular job websites such as Indeed, CareerJet,, Monster, and more. You’ll also get the best rates on sites such as LinkedIn and CareerBuilder.

Everything is fully customizable, from the applications to job postings. If you need more human resource assistance, Workable comes with a basic job description template to ensure every detail is included for each position. After an applicant applies, the program allows you to text-search resumes for must-have skills, enabling you to review candidates at a faster pace. Workable also works to find you applicants by searching candidate profiles and sending them directly to you. Finding potential employees has never been easier. The price of this software ranges from $39 to $399 based on the size of your company, but it does have a 15-day free trial to determine if it’s right for you.

4. UtiliPro Managed HR Software Services

From payment services to healthcare reform preparation, UtiliPro’s HR software handles it all. It’s your ultimate human resource program. It’s impossible to list everything UtiliPro does, but some of the features include tax help, wage disbursement, built-in security features for checks, recruiting, training and learning management, assistance in reducing turnover, and much more.

Everything is easy to modify, and UtiliPro works to give you only information that may be relevant to you. One of the best benefits of this software is that it has some of the best customer service on the market. If you ever have an issue, you’re sure to receive an answer in a timely manner. After all, you need these services to be up and running 24/7. For new customers, Ultimate Software has a Customer Success Program to teach you how to use the program and how to maximize its benefits.

5. Patriot Software Accounting and Payroll Software

Lastly, Patriot Software handles any accounting and human resource needs you could have. It’s easy to use and is operational in minutes. Plus, there’s no formal training required to use the program. Your information is always safe with Patriot Software. Its servers have several firewalls and excellent encryption techniques to keep all your information private.

One of the best things about this HR software is that it’s very inexpensive. It’s the cheapest on the list, as its online accounting starts at $7.50 per month, and payroll starts at $10 per month. With this program, you have the ability to print and create 1099 and 1096 tax forms, make payments, set up direct deposits, print W-2s, and more. If this sounds like a great deal to you, the website also offers a free 30-day trial to test the product before you buy it.