The This vs. That Gift Guide for Your Mom

You’re not sure what to get your mom for Christmas. It’s understandable! You don’t necessarily know what your mother is into. We don’t know what she’s into, either. But we’re still here to help.

Thor Movies

They’re not the best Marvel movies. (Well, Ragnarok is, but it’s still in theaters) But they are the Marvel movies with the greatest amount of shirtless Chris Hemsworth. Your mom won’t admit she has a crush on him, but it’s easier to get her to watch this with you than Logan. You can find the first one here, and the second one here, and get ready for Ragnarok to come out in a few months.

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is a great e-reader. It’s straightforward. It’s not overwhelming. It comes with a strong library and a deep well of support. And more people take to it than you might think. Thanks to its simple setup and unobtrusive screen, the Kindle has a way of winning people over.

A Nice Coffee Maker

Look, Keurigs are cool and all, but they’re terrible for the environment. Get her a nice coffee maker, one that’ll make her morning special. Maybe even an espresso machine if you’re feeling fancy. But just be careful with espresso machines – you want one made of metal. These things deal with high pressures, and plastic parts just don’t hold up in one.

Brita Pitcher

“I don’t know. I read an article about the lead in the water. They say it’s worse in a lot of places than it is in Flint. And it tastes funny. I don’t know if it tasted funny before I read that, or if it’s all in my head, or…” Your poor mom is terrified. Please get her a water filter.

Nest security system

Your mom won’t move out of that neighborhood, even after that drunk driver ran into her yard last month. You can’t convince her to move somewhere safer. But you can give her a relatively affordable security system and some peace of mind.

Garth Brooks: Anthology, Part 1

Garth Brooks has a new book out, chronicling the first five years of his ascent to fame. Your mother always did like Garth Brooks. Even you have to admit he’s not bad as far as pop-country goes. Certainly better than all the imitators he spawned. You should pick this up for her.

Julia Necklace

This necklace is a great gift for your mother, if her name is Julia. If it isn’t, then this is a great way to say “I haven’t bothered to remember your name, Mom.”

TONYMOLY Sheet Masks

Your mom may not be the trendiest, but she does try and take care of herself. Why not bring her into the wonderful world of Korean skin care products with these moisturizing masks from TONYMOLY?

Uranium Ore

Look, we don’t know what your mom is into. We’re just guessing here. After all, she’s her own person, with a rich life full of hobbies, concerns and interests. Do you really not know what she’s into? What about, like…uranium, maybe? I mean that’s a cool, unusual thing to have around this house, right?

Magazine Subscription

Okay, so we admit that we don’t know what your mom is into. But there’s a way to deal with that. Did you know that you can order magazine subscriptions on Amazon? You can! They’res surprisingly affordable. Popular magazines can sometimes be found as inexpensively as $5 for a whole year. Moreover, it’s a great way to feed your mom’s interests, and the gift will last all year. Every issue will be another reminder that you’re thinking of her.