Sleep in the Future: The Top 5 Online Mattress Companies

NECTAR Mattress

Online mattress companies are growing in number, and it’s easy to see why. You click a mouse a few times, and a mattress shows up at your door. All you have to do is open the box and watch your new bed puff up! You don’t have to deal with sales staff getting up in your face. You don’t have to travel to a million stores to find the right product. But since you also can’t try the product first, how can you avoid getting a bad mattress? These are some of the most reputable online mattress companies you can order from to ensure a great bed.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is one of the best places you can purchase a mattress online. Rather than the same four layers you’ll find in beds from traditional companies, Tuft & Needle uses Adaptive Foam that offers more support as pressure increases. This means that you’ll get the ideal support. Instead of choosing between firm and soft, you can purchase Tuft & Needle starting at $375 and get a mattress that adapts to you – not the other way around. You get 100 nights to try this mattress out, and 95% of people who do keep it.


Featured in Vogue, New York Times, Today, and several other major publications, Saatva is getting some significant buzz. The business boasts an average 9.7/10 rating on over 15,000 customer reviews across the Internet. Their “coil on coil” construction features individually wrapped coils, to keep movement on one coil from disturbing the ones around it. The mattress also boasts strong edge and lumbar support. The materials are eco-friendly, including the outer cover, which is made of organic cotton. You can get a Saatva for $599 for a twin and $999 for a queen. Similarly-constructed mattresses from brick-and-mortar stores can costs over twice as much.


Casper has been getting a lot of attention online, to the point that you’ve probably already heard of them. Their mattress is made of pressure-relieving memory foam with a springy top layer. Caspar puts airflow front and center to create a breathable, cool support for your body no matter which position sleep in. They let you try the mattress out for 100 nights, and they boast nearly half a million satisfied customers. Twins start at $550, or you can purchase a queen for $950.


While some mattresses give you a trial of around 100 days, NECTAR is a rarity because they’ll allow you to keep your mattress for a full year. If you don’t like it, NECTAR will pick up your mattress and issue you a refund. The mattress is made of ultra-dense foam to help resist sagging over time, and it’s  built with cooling airflow in mind, so you’re comfortable all night long. On top of the great year-long trial, the company also offers a “forever warranty” that will repair or replace your NECTAR mattress if you have any issues with it. For the first 10 years, it’s free of charge. After that, you still only pay transportation costs. You can purchase a queen bed for $795 up front, or take part in a no-interest, 6-month financing plan.


Leesa creates luxury mattresses that are made with three materials. The first layer is made of Avena foam, provides cooling airflow and a little bounce. The next layer is a pressure relieving memory foam that will contour to your body. Finally, the base layer is six inches of dense foam to support sleepers of any size. If you aren’t already sold, Leesa also gives back by providing homeless shelters with one free mattress for every ten they sell. The Leesa starts at $940 for a queen, and you’re welcome to try it for 100-days risk-free.