Tame the Mane: The 5 Best Beard Combs

rocky mountain barber company beard combs and beard balm

Beard combs are an entirely different animal than your typical comb. We explore the differences, but ultimately, what sets beard combs apart is their material (usually wood of some type) and their design. Wooden construction makes them better at holding and spreading beard oil. Beard combs also have wider teeth to handle the thicker hair of a beard, and they feature a unique shape that makes them easier to use.

Grow a Beard Set

grow a beard comb
The Grow a Beard gives you a beard comb and a boar-bristle brush in one package, with a small cotton bag to keep them in. Made from bamboo, this set minimizes environmental impact. It’s also made to last. The pocket-sized comb is easy to carry around, and it has two sides with different teeth widths to tackle any beard.

Myhsmooth Handmade Sandalwood Beard Comb

myhsmooth beard comb
This handmade sandalwood comb is naturally static-free and designed to keep your beard smooth and comfortable. It’s less expensive than some of the other options because it doesn’t come packaged with a lot of extras. It’ll also require some care by virtue of being sandalwood. It won’t respond well to hard falls, water, or intense heat. But if you’re willing to take care of it, it’ll take care of you just fine.

Huntsman Beard Co. Dual Action Beard Comb

huntsman beard co. beard comb

This dual-sided wooden comb is sandalwood scented and comes in a faux-leather case. There are varying sizes, so you should be able to find one that suits your unique beard. These are handmade, so every one of them looks a little different. Your Huntsman comb will be unique. These combs don’t claim to be made of sandalwood—they simply smell like it. But they do seem to be pretty durable, which honestly may give them a leg up over sandalwood.

Respol Care Beard Brush and Beard Comb Kit

respol care beard comb

Repsol’s beard grooming set actually gives you a one-size-fits-all comb. Respol claims that the spacing is perfect for beards and for hair of any texture. Plus, they have a lot of satisfied customers backing them up on their claim. Along with the comb, you also get a boar bristle beard brush for grooming and softening. The whole kit comes with a cotton bag for travel.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Comb

rocky mountain barber company beard comb

This hatchet-style beard comb was designed by Rocky Mountain Barber Company based on the feedback and expectations of their fans. The unique contour of the comb, combined with the shaping tool on the edges, makes this the perfect grooming item. Each side has a different tooth width for a variety of hair. This comb is made of great-smelling sandalwood and comes with a protective case.

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