Get Your Kit Together: Beard Care Kit Essentials

a man's beard is well groomed thanks to his beard kit

If you’re planning on growing a beard, you’re going to want to take care of it. Like the rest of your hair, it needs some care and attention. Beards can become rough and coarse. They can get split ends and tangle, just like regular hair. A small beard kit of grooming tools can help you keep your beard in check.

You can purchase a pre-packaged kit that has the essentials. But if you want to pick and choose each item individually, we’re here to give you a starting place. Pro-tip: If wading through these options has taught us anything, it’s that at least part of this beard kit needs to be leather or faux-leather. It’s just the way these things or done.

Beard Wash and/or Conditioner

beard wash for a beard kit
Like the hair on your head, most people probably over-wash their beards, but that doesn’t mean your facial hair doesn’t deserve a good cleaning every few days. Finding a beard shampoo that works for you can do more than simply keep your beard clean. It can help keep your beard soft and pleasant to the touch. Try using conditioner a little more often than shampoo to let your skin’s natural oils soften the beard. (Though a good conditioner may contain beard oil, as well.)


beard butter for a beard kit
You’re probably going to want to soften that beard to prevent it from getting too unruly. There’s no shortage of options for this, but a good beard oil is one of the most common. If that doesn’t do it for you, you could always try a good beard balm or beard butter. Any of these options are great for keeping your beard soft and are necessary additions to any beard kit. Not only do they make a beard nicer to touch, they can also reduce irritation on your own skin that causes beard dandruff.


beard comb for a beard kit
Of course, nothing helps spread that beard oil through your mane like a nice beard comb. There are plenty of kinds out there, but wooden ones tend to hold oil the best. It’s not all about applying oil, though. Regular combing can prevent knotting and keep your beard tidy. You may even want to look into a brush. Remember–beard hair needs the same care that any typical hair of a similar length would need, but it’s usually even coarser and harder to wrangle.

Trimming scissors

beard scissors for a beard kit
Have you ever tried to trim a mustache with a regular-sized pair of scissors? It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do if you care about your lips. Fortunately, you’ve got options. Compact and sharp, facial hair scissors are custom-made to keep you looking trimmed and well-groomed. A simple pair of stainless steel scissors doesn’t go for much, but if you want to go all-out with hand-crafted stainless steel scissors, you can do that, too.

Beard trimmer

beard trimmer for a beard kit
Maybe you don’t want to go old-school with the cutting. If that’s the case, a beard trimmer is worth looking into. In addition to helping you sculpt your mane, beard trimmers can come with a world of attachments that make a variety of personal grooming chores easier. If you don’t do the trimmer thing, you should at least look into some shaving options for the parts of your hair that aren’t covered by a beard.

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