Latherface: Shaving Cream Warmers vs. Shaving Soap

a brand of shaving soap and a shaving cream warmer

Shaving is an odd necessity. Human beings have been dragging knives across our bodies for thousands of years, and it’s no surprise that we’ve come up with a lot of options in that time. Straight razors, safety razors, disposable options, and a whole host of soaps, gels, brushes, and weird customs have come up in that time.

Shaving cream warmers and shaving soap present different kinds of luxury. One is “better living through science,” the other is pretty old-timey. It’s sort of a question of whether you want to be indulgent with your money or your time.


Shaving cream warmers can run the gamut anywhere from $20 to $200. The most affordable one on the market right now is a recent model from Conair that seems alright (but not great). The most well-loved home model is an older, harder to find, much more expensive Conair. Right now it seems to go for anywhere from $100 to $140 depending on where and when you find it. And of course, once you have a warmer, you still have to buy a can of shaving cream that will fit it.

Just like shaving cream, there’s a wide variety of shaving soap out there. Since it’s starting to become trendy, a lot of brands capitalize on that and charge a bit more. Then there are brands that look like they haven’t changed the package or the price since like the 1950s. Those are options are so insanely economical you may never want to go back. (There are also plenty of middle-of-the-road options, price-wise.) You’ll also need a brush, but those don’t have to be expensive. You’ll need something to hold the soap—traditionally a mug. But you probably already have one, and most of these soaps come in a package that can be used in place of a mug.

All in all, a shaving cream warmer adds a lot of money to your shaving costs on top of the cost of shaving cream. Meanwhile, shaving soap costs a decent amount but lasts a good long while, saving you money in the long run.

Comfort and Convenience

Both of these options are about getting that sweet, sweet face lather. Shaving cream warmers make your shaving cream smoother and easier to distribute. Warm shaving cream softens your stubble, making it easier to shave. It’s more than just not wanting to put cold cream on your face first thing in the morning. It can diminish skin irritation and razor burn, while also giving you a closer shave.

Meanwhile, shaving soap has a lot to offer. You don’t have to deal with aerosol chemicals. It’s generally more hydrating and better for your skin than shaving cream. It cleans the oil from your face and whiskers, which helps the water penetrate your facial hair and makes shaving easier and smoother. It gives you all the benefits of a smooth lather that a shaving cream warmer gives you, as well. It’s also way better for the environment, and easier to carry onto a flight, if that’s a concern at all.


As it turns out, very few companies make shaving cream warmers. Even fewer companies make reliable ones. Comparatively, shaving soap is a lot easier to find. There are a ton of options online. You can even make your own! It turns out there’s no shortage of recipes on the internet for making shaving soap.

All in all, shaving soap seems like a better deal. The up-front investment is notable, but it costs the same or less over time than shaving cream. It’s for darn sure cheaper than shaving cream warmers. It’s better for the environment, and it’s better for your face.

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